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Do you want to help your children improve their thinking quality?

Then you need Abramson Math — math course based on Yakov Abramsons approach

Do you want to help your children improve their thinking quality?

Then you need Abramson Math — math course based on Yakov Abramson’s approach

What will your children get out of Abramson Math?
  • Children will study different problem-solving strategies. They are learning to understand math instead of simply memorizing it.

  • Systemic understanding of math
    The course structure is simpler and more logical compared to math courses that children have in school. It allows them to memorize less but to understand more.
  • The knowledge that will help pass exams with flying colors and win competitions
    It helps senior high school students not only pass exams and tests with ease, but also win math competitions.
  • More in-depth knowledge compared to their peers
    Children will revise and reinforce what they have learned while studying new things. They will get more out of fewer classes.
  • Problem-solving with joy
    Children will study math with the help of games, puzzles, and illustrated problems instead of crunching numbers and formulas. In Abramson’s classes, nobody has to memorize anything, even the timetable.
  • Creativity development
    Children solve the same problems in different and original ways. Their interest in searching for new knowledge increases. This is the journey full of intellectual discoveries, and self-realization.

“Abramson Math is both for those who love and those who don’t (yet) love math”

In the beginning, we had to make him do the lessons.

But he soon developed an interest in it, and there was no stopping him.

And then we had to restrict him to no more than two classes per day :)

“My son is 12 years old. It is hard to get him interested in anything, especially in studying :)

In the beginning, we had to make him do the lessons. But he soon developed an interest in it, and there was no stopping him. And then we had to restrict him to no more than two classes per day :)

The classes and video lessons are accessible and easy to understand. For revision, there are extra problems. And at the end of each class, there is a test.

Apart from studying the class material itself, it was interesting to solve unconventional problems and puzzles.

We noticed that after he had started studying with Abramson Math, he also became interested in math classes at school. He was able to solve almost all the problems in his grade and became the best among his peers.”

Vladislav Kolyshev, father of Yakov Abramson’s student (see other reviews)
For children 6+ years old and their parents. In the first lesson, your child with your help will learn about numeral systems, how binary, ternary, and other numeral systems are organized, and how to convert numbers from the binary system to the decimal one and back.
How do we achieve a systemic development of the speed and quality of thinking in children as young as 6 years old and older?
— Is it true that an ordinary first-grader can solve logarithms?

— How does Yakov Abramson’ account for age and emotional specifics of the children in his learning approach?

— Why is brain building useful not only for future mathematicians?

— How did 11 out of 15 Abramson’s students become the prize-winners of a major international mathematics olympiad with thousands of participants?

This and more in the video from the “Russia-K” TV channel >>

How do children, who studied with Abramson Math, change?
The list is based on the hundredth of testimonials from children and their parents
Before Abramson Math
1. Didn’t like math: school classes were boring and complicated.
2. The child gave up easily when faced with difficulties.
3. The child was satisfied with the first solution that they were able to find, they didn’t look for the most effective or short path toward the goal.
4. The child was unable to solve intellectual problems in a team.
5. Subjects that required logic were difficult.
After just a year of studying, the way of thinking and students’ behavior changes
1. Math becomes one of the favorite subjects.
2. In their free time, the child is happy to solve problems not limited to math.
3. Intellectual recreation becomes the favorite.
4. The child gets better in other subjects as well: biology, geography, literature, and even music.
5. Math competitions and olympiads do not scare the student anymore, instead they turn into a source of enjoyment.
6. The child sees math as a sort of art full of the thrill of discoveries and personal growth.
7. The child’s status among peers is improving, which makes them more confident and helps unlock their other talents.
Why does Abramson Math show better results than other methods, but the children get less tired?
Yakov Abramson
“It is interesting for children, because we do not simply memorize formulas here, but we develop their way of thinking: we solve mathematical puzzles, we find step-by-step solutions of algorithmic puzzles.”

More interesting than math in school

More interesting than math in school

The course design is very comfortable for the student: it goes from simple to complex instead of traditional historical logic from old to new.

The solution is more important than the answer

The stress is not on the “right” answers, but on the ability to find different ways of solving the problem. Students always look for the answers themselves, including deducing formulas.

No memorizing and monotony

There is absolutely no mechanistic repetition of the material. Students learn things, which they have discovered themselves and not simply memorized.

More effective than mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic trains one to solve a specific type of problems. It is based on the constant repetition of a few algorithms. It is good for developing memory and persistence, but not creative thinking.

Abramson Math is drastically different because it stresses the deepening and widening of systemic thinking.

Creates a solid base for the math olympiad problems and TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving)

Math olympiad problems and TRIZ teach one to solve non-standard problems, but unlike Abramson Math do not offer a systemic understanding of math.

However, both math olympiad problems and TRIZ present a good supplement to the Abramson Math.

Yakov Abramson
Tricky and interesting olympiad problems do not give one new quality of knowledge or new systemic knowledge.
They teach sophistication and ingenuity. It is, of course, also very important, but not enough for the full development of the personality.”
Students of Abramson Math and their parents share their testimonials
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