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Frequently Asked Questions about Abramson Math

Is the online course cheaper than online classes?
One lesson of online classes with Yakov Abramson costs 2500 Rubles. We decided to make our online course more accessible and cut the price more than in half. Ten lessons of the course will cost you 12 000 Rubles.

Apart from the videos, where Yakov Abramson explains the material, you will have access to:
  • Problems for mastering the material
  • Extra problems for revising the material
  • The final test for each module
  • Answers and solutions for the problems (however, we are confident that you will not need them because Yakov explains everything in a simple way and provides many illustrations and examples).

What can the online course Abramson Math help you with besides math?
Our online course will help your children organize their way of thinking, give them skills for solving complex and non-standard problems, get better in other subjects at school, work with large volumes of information, and systematize it in a quality manner. Abramson Math teaches children logic, how to set goals, and to find the best ways to achieve them.

And what if my child is really bad at math?
All you need is a desire and the Abramson Math online course to change that. The course is designed for children six years old and older. Everything is explained very clearly and in great detail. The only prerequisite is the ability to count up to 63.

Why should a child who has no problems with math take this course?
On a biological level, a child will develop new neural connections. They will also learn how to find the shortest routes to achieve their goals, increase their thinking quality, and work with information effectively.
Besides, it offers an immersion into the community of goal-oriented and talented children.

And if my child fails to understand something in the course or will not be able to keep pace with it?
It is impossible.
The advantage of the online course is that you always have the support of a manager, who will always help you should you run into trouble.
Take a free lesson to see that studying math can be easy and interesting.

I am an adult; I don’t think a course designed for children would suit me…
The only difference is that adults digest the material faster. You can solve problems without any “cats” or “dragons” in them, but the logic of the course is perfectly suitable for adults as well. This is why Yakov doesn’t offer a separate course for adults — there would be no difference in the content.


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I guess this course is for talented children and not for the ordinary…
If your child is capable of holding attention for thirty minutes and is prepared to attempt to solve an unfamiliar problem at least two or three times and not give up immediately, then they will manage. Abramson Math is interesting for the children because there is no cramming, instead they develop their thinking: they solve mathematical puzzles and study algorithmic problems.
Take a free lesson to see how easy and interesting it would be for your child.

Why would adults who are not teachers or parents take this course?
  1. For your brain to keep developing it is helpful to solve non-standard problems. Popular games and puzzles can help you only when you do them for the first time. Abramson Math constantly offers new types of problems and new algorithms for finding solutions that force your brain to really develop instead of simply increasing the speed of doing the same algorithm over and over again.
  2. Abramson Math teaches you new algorithms for finding solutions.
  3. It teaches you to find neat and simple solutions for problems that seem to be complex at first glance.
  4. In this course, you will get a significant volume of information in a short amount of time.
  5. You can study new ways of presenting and structuring the information.

How can I take this course while studying or working?
Each module is accessible for six months. It is more than enough if you do at least one lesson in two weeks (although we strongly encourage you to do 2-3 lessons a week). You can study in your free time, which allows you to combine our course with your main activities.

How effective is the online course?
You can find the answer here.

How is my data protected when I make the payment, and what documents would I receive?
Your payment is processed via «GetCourse pay» — one of the largest platforms for online courses. Your card details are encrypted. They are used once and are NOT stored on the server.
You will receive all the payment documents in your email; they have the same legal force as an ordinary civil contract.
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Yakov Iosifovich Abramson, sole proprietor, Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor 319774600197163,
Taxpayer ID 773670046560.
Please note: this is the only website of Yakov Abramson; payment is tied to his sole proprietor registration number.