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Save time and effort — yours and your child's — by studying online at your convenience

Why is an online course more cost-effective?
1. Online course is cheaper than face-to-face classes
One module of the online course will get you the same volume of information as in face-to-face classes but 1.5-2 times cheaper.

2. Online course allow you to study at your own pace
You can watch a video as often as you want. And you can study together with other family members.

3. More problems
The online course contains additional problems not given in the online classes.

4. Support service
Students can contact our support service and ask questions about the course material.

5. Access all year round
You can start the course at any time, not only in September.
If you buy our online course before December 15, 2022, you will get a free guide "How to develop analytical and creative thinking?"
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Online course Abramson Math

1 year of study
6 modules, 60 lessons + 6 final tests

Every module is accessible for six months. If you buy all modules at once, you will have access for 3.5 years.

Price: 12 000 Rubles for one module.
Children, while playing, subtly master the topics that many adults find complicated, like numeral systems, functions, and modules.
While studying the binary numeral system, they learned not only how to convert numbers from the decimal system to the binary but also how to add and subtract six-digit numbers in a column.

If this method were to be adopted in primary school, we would have a country with many more gifted and talented children!”
Svetlana Zakharyina,
the mother of a student, about the knowledge he received from the first module of the first year of Abramson Math.
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Syllabus of the first year of the course
  • 1st module
    Numeral systems.
    Addition, subtraction.
    Fundamentals of logic. Logical problems.
    10 lessons + 1 final test
  • 2nd module
    Multiplication and division.

    10 lessons + 1 final test
  • 3rd module
    Introduction to geometric concepts.
    Problems testing creative thinking.
    10 lessons + 1 final test
  • 4th module
    Area calculation, division of figures.

    10 lessons + 1 final test
  • 5th module
    The power of a number, roots, and logarithms.
    Problems testing creative thinking.
    10 lessons + 1 final test
  • 6th module
    Mathematical games or problems aimed at finding the winning strategy.
    10 lessons + 1 final test
Why is it necessary to take the first module even if the child can already add and subtract?
In the first module, students do not only learn addition, subtraction, and their properties. They get acquainted with different ways of using these properties to calculate better (learn how to count quickly).

Children get acquainted with logic puzzles: they learn about truthful and false statements and form a basis for the further development of logic.

In the first module children also learn how to write natural numbers with the help of digits in different positional numeral systems, where the value of a digit depends on its position in the notation of the number.

All of this is necessary to master the material for the next modules and solve more complex abstract problems.
Is the online course effective for such a complex subject as math?
Яков Абрамсон
“This course is based on the hundredth of online classes I have been teaching to children all around the world. Modules are divided into small topics that are explained in detail. Even parents with a background in humanities grasp the subject quickly. They can help their children on their own.

But we also have a support service. If something is unclear, we will help you figure it out.
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The lesson is devoted to numeral systems (binary and decimal).